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In today’s ever-changing business world, the implementation of new technologies is critical. With so many business products, technologies and solutions available on the market, approaching these circumstances could be complex for any business. Our trained and certified engineers could act as an extension for your team to assist with aspects like project managing, hardware/software integration and so much more.

Our advisory services are set up to give quality guidance or council to take your
business to the next level. Since I.T Solutions has a wide range of services, our
advisory could be offered in many areas. We make sure to give your business
the tools needed to set forth reliable strategies to improve operations and reduce overall expenses.

We understand that clients have their own goals and needs. This is why we enjoy working with them closely to understand our clients requirements better and give advisory services that are specifically tailored to them.

We have experience with many advisory projects including, but not limited to, Project management, Engineering support, and I.T budgeting. We strive to make sure you get the most out of your technology Investments through top-notch enterprise support when
you work with us.

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We conduct a thorough assessment and analysis to comprehend the needs and issues of our clients fully. The main goal of this stage is to understand the organization’s core operating procedures. We want to get a sense of the key factors, local dynamics and identify ways to build support for the next phase, which is the action phase.

Strategy Development and Implementation:

By reviewing the information from the assessment phase, we determine
which resources the business currently has that could help reach the
defined goals and objectives. We prioritize the issues facing the company by the risks they have for the company’s success. We then come up with realistic strategies in which we lay down the steps on how technology can help improve the current situation. We make sure to conduct the necessary training of your staff to manage the new implementations.

Strategy evaluation

A successful action plan cannot be finalized until we conduct an evaluation of the previous stage, the implementation stage. In this stage, we reflect on the results of the whole strategy and make sure our clients are satisfied with the results.

IT Optimization
We can increase your network reliability and performance by providing you real-
time monitoring and management for every type of device you may possess. We
have top-of-the-industry engineers that will assist your IT department to keep an eye on your infrastructure at all times and resolve issues before they become a threat to your company.


We monitor all devices, servers, routers firewalls and switches to ensure that they work smoothly. By letting us proactively monitor your day-to-day IT operations, you can allow your staff to direct their efforts on managing other important business projects.

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IT Optimization

Process and Procedures

We implement the most efficient policies and procedures to:
Cover your valuebles assets
Make sure the agents policies are effective
Have recovery plans in place
Keep up with new and latest malware detection tools

Configuration Management

This is to make sure that the network entry points are covered, to make sure you have Data and application protection, Security patches, scheduled scans, logs, management and performance optimizations and much more.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We have a whole department that monitors our clients network. Their purpose is to detect even the smallest threats and problems that may harm the
network. We will cover and install your asset agents, monitor and clean up malware or viruses and license the upgrade for expirations and end-points.


We will make sure that you stay updated and informed about how well your policies and procedures are doing. We will do this by giving you monthly reports on the missing assets coverage, old agent definitions, risk overviews, and improvement recommendations.

Network Communications
Your overall level of I.T. comes down to how advanced your Network Communication is. IT Solutions will help you achieve the perfect network infrastructure that will facilitate all the communications within your business.

Our team works relentlessly to continuously deliver easy-to-manage, fast, secure
and reliable network infrastructures. We build your network in ways that growth is
always possible and easily scalable.
Speed and security are really important to us. We set up networks with a
centralized configuration; this helps with the overview of the infrastructure. We do
this to make sure that you can control and manage the accessibility of each
device that comes in contact with your network. By centralizing the configuration,
we will make your business communication network more stable, safer, and most
importantly, you will have a better overview of your network.

Once the network infrastructure is in place, we will work closely with your IT
department to periodically revise, back up, configure and update your systems so
that your network remains to the latest standards. This will result in a protected
architecture that provides the performance that the users expect.

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Network Communications

Building Industry Standard Network Communications by:

• Always having a network available
• Never losing data
• Information security and protection
• Fast information processing
• Having the capacity to grow
• Cost effective management


IT Solutions will aid your IT department to ensure a consolidated view of both wired and wireless network assets and keep everyone connected with unified network management tools and strategies. When performing this task, the goal is to provide a comprehensive set of integrated tools that collectively enhances the visibility and manageability of the network devices, systems, servers, hosts and
other critical assets for security personnel and administrators.

An industry-leading networking solution can help:

• Improve disaster recovery.
• Maximize bandwidth.
• Reduce latency.
• Ensure accessibility.
• Reduce costs.
• Centralize network management.

Enterprise Security
Cybersecurity is crucial for a successful and protected network infrastructure. At IT Solutions, we strive to build or improve the security of your business. In today’s era, one should not have a good Network in place without having reliable security to support it. Our security services can be explained by using three simple steps.

1. Improve your threat protection
2. Improve your threat detection
3. Establish strategies to respond/mitigate overall threats

The amount of cyberattacks continues to increase in numbers and complexity;
therefore, everything that relies on the cyberspace could potentially be at risk.
This could result in lost revenue, interrupted income, regulatory penalties,
reputational damage and loss of trust. IT solutions had good recovery plans to
secure your organization from data loss due to failures as well as threat analysis
from outside and inside your organization.

It is all about protecting the current network that you have. We fuse security within the network infrastructure to enhance the protection of your I.T. Department. We will come up with strategies/ solutions depending on your business needs. However, the main goal remains the same: To give you visibility on your whole infrastructure, integrate easy-to-manage systems and give you top-notch cyber protection.

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Enterprise Security


We will recommend you the best Methods and Solutions to protect
information and reduce risks and threats inside your network.
• Protect your valuable assets
• Protect your entry points
• Enhance your Network Authentication


Come up with solutions to detect if information has been stolen assuming a protection is in place

Control who has  access to your data at all times.
Behavioral & Compliance monitoring
Filling Security
Application Security


Come up with solutions with processes in place to respond in cases of incidents and stop information leakage or data theft.

Next-Generation Firewall and IPS effectiveness
Better visibility of systems and data
Faster responds to emerging threats
Vulnerability Scans