Hardware and Network Support

IT Solutions specializes in hardware and network small business IT services, from installation to maintenance, to keep your company running smoothly. When you work with Nuvex Solutions, your network infrastructure will be unique and tailored to your exact needs.

Once your network infrastructure is fully installed, we are available to perform any necessary troubleshooting to keep your network functioning as it should. As a full service business-to-business firm, we use a proactive approach to your network. When our team of IT support specialists see that you are ready for an upgrade, we will get it completed swiftly and seamlessly so that you don’t lose any company productivity.

Installation and Maintenance of Network Infrastructure

Network-supportInfrastructure refers to the software and hardware resources that make up your network and allow your network to communicate, connect, and operate. It truly is the heart of your company. An infrastructure causes the communication paths between processes, services, users, applications and external networks, such as the Internet. Such a vital component of your business must be installed and maintained in a responsible manner.

There are five primary components that make up the network hardware. These include any routers, LAN cards, cables, switches, and wireless routers that make up your infrastructure. Components of networking software typically include network operations and management, a firewall, operating systems, and network security applications. The network services usually include a T-1 line, satellite, IP addressing, DSL and wireless protocols.

Installation involves getting all of the necessary hardware into place. What is required is unique to each network. Next comes all of the necessary software and network services. Regular IT services such as IT maintenance of all of the hardware, software and network services is critical to keep everything working smoothly.

Importance of Upgrading Hardware and Mitigating Data

Networks and their components evolve often, so upgrading your hardware ensures that you are using the latest technology for your business. This allows you to work more effectively and efficiently. When your hardware is upgraded, there is a lesser chance of network failure. You can increase your storage capabilities and ensure improved speed when you get regular IT support and upgrades from Nuvex Solutions.

Data mitigation is a process characterized by moving data between file formats or computer storage types. There are a number of benefits associated with this and it is important for factors such as system upgrade, implementation, or consolidation. The benefits include:

  • Complete Data Integrity: When doing tape-to-tape copying, protect your data against loss and corruption.
  • Reduce Daily Business Operation Disruptions: It will take little manual effort to leverage your established procedures and policies.
  • Meet All Recovery Point Objectives: It will be easier to carry out your mitigation projects to your specifications and needs.
  • Improve ROI While Reducing Storage and Media Costs: You will not have to spend as much to keep your data expertly organized.


Remote Troubleshooting and Server Maintenance

When you have trouble with your network, you need to get it taken care of promptly. You do not have time to wait for an IT support technician to come and make any IT repairs. This is why Nuvex Solutions provides managed IT support services and cloud-based solutions that monitor your network remotely. We can diagnose problems before they escalate and take the guesswork out of the security of your systems.

Our team offers both remote and on-site support. Both of these services are available to you without you ever needing to leave your home or office. Remote access allows for quick troubleshooting from our staff while the on-site support offers a convenient face to face with our team so you can guide them through exactly what you might need.


Anti-virus software is important, but it may not catch everything. This is where having a professional is beneficial. Nuvex Solutions is able to detect and remove viruses that your usual software cannot for more comprehensive network support. More than that, cleaning your system can remove congestion and get rid of data that you no longer need.

Wide Range of Wireless Devices


IT-supportIT Solutions has a wide variety of wireless devices, including outdoor point-to-point systems. Understanding what this system is and its importance will show you how it can benefit you. This type of system is a kind of network architecture that makes it possible to use a wireless radio link to connect two locations together. This type of system is often used for security, telecom, and networking applications.

With security, this type of network is often used to deploy video surveillance systems of the backhaul outdoor wireless type. You will be able to see the video from a variety of cameras in a single control room.

With telecom, this type of network is typically used for backhaul cellular base stations. This is a common choice when interference is not a major concern, such as in rural areas.

With networking applications, this can be used to avoid trenching an area to interconnect two building. This is a solid option for campus environments where two buildings are separated by a railway, street, or a river.

Cleaning Your Systems and Removing Viruses

A virus is a type of program that can interfere with your network in a number of ways. Something as simple as an email attachment can result in a virus infecting your system. When you get a virus, it puts your entire network at risk and generally requires professional network support to remove it. A virus can hinder system performance, corrupt data, and put your confidential information at risk.